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2024 ACDE Annual Meeting

August 3-6, 2024        San Diego, California

The ACDE Annual Meeting is a dynamic platform that fosters knowledge exchange, collaboration, networking, and collective problem-solving within continuing dental education. Discussions pivot around emerging trends, best practices, innovative approaches, and effective solutions to common challenges. Members actively participate in interactive exchanges, ask questions, and offer practical recommendations based on their expertise and experience.

A highlight of the ACDE Annual Meeting has long been the ideas generated from discussion and learning from each other. With the changing landscape of the CE industry, these discussions are more important than ever. There is tremendous knowledge and experience among our members, and the Open Forums are an invaluable aspect of our meetings.

The 2024 Annual Meeting will include presentations and discussions revolving around the rapidly and constantly changing world of technology. We will talk about trends, resources, and products that help us today – as well as what is coming soon and how to be prepared to decide to implement or forego.

ACDE members will present on various technological topics, including creating a succession plan for your office, troubleshooting Zoom technology, how AI might change the way we provide CE, tracking tasks and duties, and developing course materials in Canva.

Our guest presenter, Marcus Bing, is an Information Technology Expert in Seattle, Washington, and has worked in the computer industry for nearly 30 years. Marcus focuses his consulting and technical services on the dental industry, so he understands our clientele. He enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry for his humor, honesty, and judgment, and he is among the best at making technology understandable and tolerable for his clients. He “Tells It Like It Is” and coaches his clients on working in today’s far-less-than-perfect digital world.

View the preliminary agenda.

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