Member Benefits


The Association for Continuing Dental Education brings together individuals representing college- and university-based continuing dental education programs associated with accredited Dental Schools in Canada and the United States, including Puerto Rico.


Many talented individuals comprise the membership of the ACDE—and are always willing to share their knowledge and vast experiences.



The member-only section of the ACDE website provides opportunities for individual members to ask questions, share documents, interact with the group as a whole, or connect one-on-one. Each member can choose how frequently they want to be notified of site activity, or if they prefer to access the content on their own schedule.


The forum area of the members’ only section allows for organized discussion and quick access to frequently visited topics.


Once an institution is a member, its representatives can gain access to the members-only section. To join the ACDE, visit the website and complete the appropriate application form.



The website includes:


  • the current list of officers, including contact information

  • the ACDE mission statement and bylaws

  • institutional member listing

  • member directory with each member’s contact information and a direct link to their continuing education program website*

  • conference registration*

  • member forum*

  • member file sharing, including results of past ACDE Annual member surveys*

  • member-to-member messaging*

  • ACDE logo and usage policy*


*Accessible only to current ACDE members



Another valuable resource is the ACDE Mentoring Program—designed to provide support to newcomers and those entering the University-based CDE field. The mentoring program is an opportunity to learn from experienced CDE directors and staff. It is a great experience that will expand your understanding of the resources and opportunities that are available. ACDE members who are actively participating in the formal mentor program (either as mentor or mentee) will receive a $25 discount towards that year's ACDE Annual Meeting registration fee. Please reference this discount on your registration form.


An annual survey of all members, the results provide valuable information on the scope of ACDE member programs. The questionnaire includes details on tuition rates, honoraria amounts, program trends, cancellation fees, and a list of top programs. The results of the survey are discussed and distributed at the annual meeting in August.



The annual ACDE meeting is the perfect opportunity to meet face to face with your CDE colleagues from across the country. You will gain a wealth of knowledge and head back to the office with tons of practical information and renewed enthusiasm. Click to register for the 2022 Annual Meeting.