Member Testimonials

Before I even accepted my position in dental continuing education, I attended an ACDE meeting. I was new to the profession and wanted to check it out. It was because of all of the member’s openness and willingness to support me in my (potential) new role, that I had the confidence to move into the field. I am so glad I did! I was connected with an ACDE mentor who helped me through that first year…and she still helps me out to this day. I highly recommend anyone in the field to seriously consider joining this association. -Lori


If I could only belong to one professional organization for dental continuing education, it would be ACDE. It is the group I turn to when I have questions, need help with forms or protocol, or just need to bounce ideas off someone. ACDE members share, support and work together to make sure University-based CDE is the best it can be. ACDE was invaluable to me when I started in Dental CE and continues to be today. -Carol


For me, the ACDE has been extremely beneficial. I had been out of the CE world for many years and had a lot of questions. Being able to reach out to the entire group to discuss topics was very helpful. Then I attended the annual meeting and was able to make new connections, hear speakers from the ADA and have some fun. The information I receive from ACDE makes my job easier and knowing I have support is invaluable. -Vicki


Joining ACDE was an eye-opener for me in our profession! I instantly gravitated to the valuable resources provided for program planning & implementation. Also the organization offers a one-of-a-kind network of colleagues who are vibrant and innovate like no other when it comes to higher-education programming. To date, these assets of ACDE support in every decision my team makes when scheduling a continuing education event; Makes my job that much more enjoyable, having mostly all information needed at my fingertips! -Kassie